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The F Word highlights the stories from Freida Films' creators around the world. On Fridays we post about the incredible new projects that our talents and partners are currently working on. If you wish to submit a project of yours for

The F Word, send us an email at!

Amélina Limousin

On the occasion of the Photo Book Festival in Vienna Amélina Limousin worked with the artist photographer William Klein on a documentary film made as a synthetic presentation of his life and artistic work. This interview shown during the festival and her meeting in 2018 with the photographer Yojiro Imasaka, became the outline of the documentary serie Women-Photographers.  



Amélina is a french actress, newly based in Berlin and works across borders in France & Germany. Through her 10 years of working professionally as an Actor, some of her credits include:



ROBIN HOOD and award winning shorts: UGLY (10 prizes) & THE BUTTERFLIES screened in Cannes.




Once praised as Heaven on Earth, Kashmir has been the focus of 3 wars between 2 nuclear powers, India and Pakistan. It is the longest running conflict in the world. Today, the Kashmiri people also find themselves on the front lines of the climate crisis. This is a documentary about the 30,000 families dependent on Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, which has seen a 95% reduction, despite millions of dollars of investment.

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film festival

Feminista screens inspiring documentaries about women and girls, and you can now watch their 90-minute programme consisting of eight shorts from your own sofa! Watch the trailer here


With every ticket bought, you'll receive two virtual passes, so you can give one (or both) to anyone you think would enjoy uplifting films: caregivers, essential workers, friends or neighbours. Get tickets here! 

Ronelle Thomas


 “I have long been a fan of being in the field. The rush, the running around, all the crazy changes that happen while filming TV, there really isn’t anything else like it. I’m grateful that I was able to experience that life and at the same time, meet so many connections and work on some really fun projects. Going forward, I plan to tap into my own creative vision more and really zero in on content.”


The film follows a young black girl on her journey towards self love. After a cruel prom prank, the main character, Phoebe, contemplates suicide and dreams of being light-skinned, before finding an unlikely source of hope: a Black little girl who’s literally friends with her own self-hatred.

Onyx Espri wrote Unapologetic as a love letter to dark-skinned black women. She noticed how the conversation about race and black representation in media ignored the preference of light-skinned versus dark-skinned women. Being an advocate for inclusivity, she wanted to bring to light the effects that beliefs about colorism can have on an individual and a community as a whole.



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Hanna Adcock

Hanna Adcock is an award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker/DOP. Her work focusses on imaginative storytelling across human rights and environmental issues around the world. With a background in journalism and international development she has gone on to work with leading organisations. She's had work featured on broadcasters including BBC, CH4, Sky News and Al Jazeera and is published in the Times, Guardian and Huffington Post amongst others. She often works on sensitive projects in hostile environments all the way through from research and producing to shooting to editing.

Saada* lives with her siblings, parents and paternal grandparents in a traditional Harari house in the walled city of Harar, eastern Ethiopia. Saada was just seven when she stopped a friend from undergoing FGM by warning her about the risks of infection, blood loss and childbirth. Her friend’s parents spoke with her and her family – and decided not to go ahead. She attends a girls’ club at her school, which empowers girls and boys to talk openly about female issues, from child marriage and FGM to sanitation and menstruation. They put on plays about the FGM process. Saada says she will keep telling people that FGM is dangerous until everyone understands. She speaks out, even to adults, if it will help her friends.




She Goes

Farewell She Goes is a short film exploring female friendship, race and women's rights. Farewell She Goes is a late 18th century story about two young women who sneak away from their strict stately home existence to lay their pet canary to rest. One white, one mixed race; these are cousins bonded by more than blood. Stood at the cusp of the ocean, it soon transpires that one of them is pregnant, and they contemplate what should be done.


Written by Claire Tailyour

Directed by Sophie King

Starring Isabella Speaight & Cat White

Aida Bañeres Argilés

As a London-based Catalan cinematographer, video editor and photographer Aida identifies as a queer and feminist story-teller.


"Working across my passions documentaries, activism, ethnography, music, dance and performing art the last 10 years, I have been involved in projects for important brands and companies such as KinkyBootsUk, Nike, La Española, Hyundai, Koovs, Boiler Room, Budweiser, Bush Theatre, Queen Mary University among others. I also run documentaries workshops for young people in different countries as Argelia, Spain, Mexico and London."

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