Phoebe Lorenz


Phoebe is a British-German actor, writer, producer and filmmaker with a passion for hard-hitting and meaningful stories. She developed her debut film I’m Still Ethan alongside Amelia O’ Loughlin, a heart-breaking look into the effects of parental imprisonment. A film which saw collaborations with Enon Films, BIFA-Winning actor Dave Johns, Mercury Prize nominee Kae Tempest and organisations such as Crest Advisory, G4S/HMP Parc and NEPACS. I’m Still Ethan received great acclaim from Variety and a series is currently being created for TV.

 As an artist and creative, Phoebe never stops – a drive from deep within, she is always ready for her next project or partnership. An ALRA graduate, she has worked on both stage and screen and recent credits include Killing Eve (BBC America) and Spider and Fly (Ambitious Motion Pictures). She came onboard to produce Amelia O’ Loughlin’s B which is now flourishing into a debut feature. Phoebe has numerous other projects in development including coming of age feature That’s SO Gay, based on her one-woman show from 2018, and Pity Me in collaboration with BBC New Creative Emma Zadow.