Phoebe Lorenz


Phoebe is an actor and writer, a Heinz variety of Germany and the North-East. Having graduated from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in 2018, she is passionate about stories that hit home and leave people feeling something profound. Destiny led her to Amelia O’ Loughlin in 2020 and after sharing her seedling, I’m Still Ethan, the female duo established roots and set about making it what it is today: as co-writers, co-stars and Phoebe, a co-producer. Alongside BIFA-winning Dave Johns, Mercury Prize nominee Kae Tempest and partnerships with Crest Advisory, G4S/HMP Parc and Enon Films, I’m Still Ethan is one to watch. Phoebe has worked on both stage and screen and her credits include; Hedda Gabler (The Witham), Deal (Little Windmill Productions) and Spider and Fly (Ambitious Motion Pictures). Phoebe’s one-woman show That’s SO Gay showcased in 2018 and is currently in development for screen.