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Flora Thomas


Flora Thomas (b. 1994) is an experimental documentary photographer, research-based multimedia artist and activist from London, UK. Her work investigates issues regularly encountered though seldom explored, bridging the gap between personal and political; often manipulating the tension between words and images. She holds an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from UAL’s London College of Communication. At the end of 2019 Flora co-founded RAKE, a visual research collective investigating a variety of hidden issues in society, business and politics including human rights violations, government censorship, surveillance and bureaucratic violence.

Group Exhibitions




RAKE Collective Launch: AMP Gallery




Everything Was Forever: London College of Communication

Art the Arms Fair: AMP Studios

Oscillate: Peckham Safehouse 1 & 2

Propagate: The Take Courage Gallery

Visible Justice: London College of Communication




Papers Festival: The Barbican

Citizen Photo: Scarlett Traffic




UNTITLED: Broadchalke House


Clients & Print/Online Publications

WASADA - Palestine News Network - The South West Collective - Quietus Management - shado Mag - Mondoweiss - Art the Arms Fair - Visible Justice - Migration Museum - Refugee Info Bus - University of the Arts London - The Worldwide Tribe - Women in Photo - International Solidarity Movement - Backscatter Productions - Swimming Tapes - Re: Jacqueline Morreau - BBC World Service - Emily Garthwaite - SAVAGE Journal - Milk Magazine - Street Style UK - The London Marathon - The National Television Awards - By Degrees

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